During the last two years I’ve been working on two lines of material research. Resina and Ceggmica, each with different binders, properties and applications. Since my incorporation to Remix el Barrio @circularbarris, a project hosted by FabLab Barcelona within the Siscode EU project, a series of objects has emerged, to take material exploration to a functional object, inspired by a material future without oppression to biodiversity. The project aims to share circular economy possibilities and upcycling values within the community by collaborating with local markets & shops to transform their waste into new materialities. Closing the loop, materials can be broken down and molded again to mutate their shape into a new object before returning to earth.

Material driven design can lead to infinite alternatives and become a new medium for expression. Materials have the opportunity to nurture, console, comfort, cover, delight and keep us alive. In this exploration I seek to re-use, re-cycle and re-shape diverse organic matter to encourage the exploration of new materials. Through artistic material explorations we can generate a space to rethink current models and simulate alternative material futures.

Special thanks
  • Little Fern Cafe
  • Juan Garaventa
  • Alejo Rodriguez Ph
  • Manuela Reyes Ph
  • Siscode EU project
  • FabLab Barcelona
  • Remix el Barrio
  • Connect Hort