It’s not just about wearing it, but about growing it.

beGrounded includes a kit with everything necessary to germinate your woven piece and wear it as an idyllic representation of symbiosis with nature.

woven piece
organic wool & seeds

sprayer bottle
ceramic 3d print

bamboo & laser cut wood hook

user manual
engrave recycled paper

cnc mill & laser cut wood

Wear it naked, feel it
Feel the interaction with the moisturized piece
Smells like nature
It's weird, and weird is nice

The objective is to feel nature and nourish our respect towards it in order to ideate on better solutions of coexistence.

Considering the Earthing theory, this biotechnologic garment has potential healing properties, leading to an upcoming fashion industry where users can deal with common health issues such as stress and anxiety through garments.

  • experimentation for living architecture
  • implementation of grown patterns
  • exploration of aromatic experiences
  • available seed funding to support the project
Special thanks
  • Anastasia Pistofidou
  • Alejo Rodriguez Ph
  • Marcel Rodriguez Ph
  • Manuela Reyes Ph
  • Yiannis Vogdanis
  • Mikel Guelbenzu
  • Clara Davis
  • Luciana Barnatán
  • Fabricademy
  • FabLab Barcelona
  • Studio Hilo
  • Noumena
  • Smart Citizen Bcn - sensor’s kit
    for monitoring germination
  • Forma Taller de Cerámica Barcelona
  • Joaquin Diez - web development