Artist, designer, researcher & maker blurring boundaries between materials, technology and biology. Universe: crafts, biomaterials, biofilia and human-nonhuman interactions. Lara’s work is based in nature as cognified matter. She believes that in a context of environmental collapse, design can open space for dialogue between humans and other living beings, enriching respect and coexistence between species. Her research focuses on biomaterials development and emotional response, observing nature and learning from it. She gives workshops merging digital fabrication and material based design.

Lara was born in a nice city called Buenos Aires, though raised surrounded by nature. Since little, she felt attracted to arts & crafts. Inspired by textiles storytelling she studied Fashion&Textile design and combined it with crafts courses as textile smocking & pleating. Her journey started with her thesis project about sustainable design and local indigenous identity called ‘Mirar hacia adentro’, and continued deepen in during Fabricademy course, where she learned about biodesign, digital fabrication & wearable technology.